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We would like to see a therapist in the clinic:

All our services and programs require an initial assessment. Following completion of the assessment and discussion with patients of their goals and needs, we are able to tailor individual programs to ensure these goals are achieved with the support of your practitioner.

Each session is 45 minutes in duration (initial assessment 60 minute) and focuses on an appropriate level of challenge for the individual, often utilising physical games, circuits, obstacles and a variety of exercises.

We would like therapy at home:

Our therapists can visit you in your own home. We understand that parents and carers have their hands full, and may not have the time to attend another appointment. We also understand that some individuals may not be as mobile, and therefore find it more difficult to attend the clinic. We therefore can provide Home Visits (which mirror clinic appointments as much as possible), these appointments take place in a patient’s own home, or park close by and allow the therapist to encompass patients day-day environment in the treatment.

We also provide Home visits for patients who have higher needs to assist with the setup of the home environment. Here our therapists can offer strategies, techniques and advice that can be implemented in the home immediately.

Please note, travel charges apply. This will be discussed prior to your first appointment.

We would like therapy during school:

We do ‘in school’ visits to assist children who may need extra support with ‘in school’ activities such as long sitting, crossing legs, jumping, running, core strength. We can also give advice on activities to help to improve your child’s access to the curriculum.

We would like to do the sport therapy group sessions:

Patients participating in group sessions are required to attend a 60minute individual initial assessment. The program is therapy based while focusing on a range of sporting skills (click here to see the timetable of sports available for the term). Small groups of maximum eight participants will be scheduled, depending on the individual’s age, ability and specific needs. Small group classes are more affordable, as well as a great way for our patient’s to make friends and improve their social skills. Our patient centred approach still applies whether you choose individual or small group therapy, meaning patient specific goals are still set and reviewed every 8 – 12 weeks depending on the duration of therapy.

We would like to do therapy online:

We offer a variety of online courses for improving movements patterns, sport specific skills, particular joint rehabilitation flexibility and strength & conditioning.

We also offer Telehealth appointments, where we are able to offer our services online. However, we recommend, if possible, to rather be with your therapist in person whether at the clinic or at your home, in order for the required hands on approach.

We would like to do Hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy (also known as Aquatic Therapy) is a great way to assist land based therapy. The therapeutic benefits include weightlessness on a body part, and resistance to help with moving your body. Aquatic therapy can be a fun and encouraging way to perform therapy as well educate safety around the water.

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